Amber’s Story

The morning of Friday, February 13th, 2009 changed the lives of so many people when our beautiful 14 year old daughter Amber Dubois disappeared while walking on her way to school. Who was this little blue eyed angel with the smile that touched the hearts of thousands? For over a year, hundreds of thousands of missing child posters, thousands of volunteers, hundreds of media personnel, dozens of family and friends, and two parents worked together to get the information and pictures out to the world in a desperate effort to find Amber. Unfortunately after 386 days we found out the awful news regarding what happened to Amber on that morning.

Media agencies across the nation and their staffs wrote thousands of articles and aired Amber’s story constantly so the nation could hear about and help find our missing child. Everyone began to know about our quiet book loving daughter with a love for animals and her infatuation with wolves.

After hearing the results in Amber’s case many questions in the minds of so many people were left unanswered. As a result people have begun writing books and creating documentaries on the case and the life story of our daughter Amber.

The first documentary scheduled to air on Friday, September 24th, 2010 was created by NBC’s Dateline and produced by Esther Zucker. Esther and her team at Dateline followed Amber’s story during our search and aired her story during the year. The team from Dateline came out on a couple of occasions to conduct interviews with the immediate family and with those involved in our search for Amber. They continued to stay informed of the story throughout the criminal process from discovery to trial. The Dateline team has created a 2-hour documentary which will air at 8:00pm on Friday, September 24th.

48 Hours on CBS will be airing the documentary which was created and produced by Grace Kahng of Santoki Productions. Grace and her professional team of shadows (as we called them) were there as our behind the scenes documentary team from the onset. The “Santoki Shadows” followed us camera in hand through what was the most devastating time in our lives. They filmed our tears of pain and our frustrating struggle as the search for Amber tore our lives apart. Their exclusive access to video coverage, their developed bond with the family, are truly personal interviews will give this documentary a look into the hearts of many people who had their life changed by a 14 year old girl named Amber.

The 48 Hours documentary is also intended to be a huge new fall season starting episode and should air within the next couple of weeks.

Our team consist of trained and prepared personnel and volunteers ready to assist families at their most devastating moments, the time that their child is missing.
These organizations were very helpful with our case and we would like to encourage people to visit their websites and support them in their future efforts.
As advocates for missing children, More Kids will be a voice to address the needs of children and their families. The need to get out the information on the epidemic we as a nation deal with on a daily basis.  With the amount of children who are reported missing every day is vital to getting things changed and the children of our community the protection they need.
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