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Education and Public Safety


As with families in the past, More Kids will continue to work with families of missing children in assistance with mass community efforts. We will be working on forming a high tech mobile command center capable of immediate response throughout California. This command center will be capable of efficient coordination and tracking of teams of volunteers in such efforts as flyer distribution, neighborhood investigation and questioning, as well as rugged search and rescue coordination.

Bill #1 (AB 33):

  Standardized Statewide Procedures for Missing Children

Uniformity in Reporting Information for Missing Children  

Identify and Establish Local Sex Offenders

 Bill #2 (AB 34):

  National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Notification Timeframe

NCIC Notification

 Bill #3 (AB 1022):

  Establishment of a Statewide Missing Child Task Force

 Bill #4 (AB 1548):

 State Identification Sex Offender Status

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These organizations were very helpful with our case and we would like to encourage people to visit their websites and support them in their future efforts.
More Kids recognizes the importance in preparing our community for dealing with the threats posed on our children. Because there is a need to educate our children as well as their parents, we will continue to host safety training, community search and rescue training, internet and high tech predator education and protection seminars, and more. Knowledge and awareness is the key to the protection of our children.
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